Heat Pump Installation

Oak Park Heat Pump Installation

Providing Heat Pump Installation in Oak Park and Riverside

Maybe you're looking at installing an HVAC system in your new addition. Or you dislike the inflexibility of your central heating or cooling system. Either way, a Oak Park heat pump installation may be just what the Oak Park HVAC expert ordered.

Heat pumps have been popular in the more temperate climate of the south for years. They're also a common sight in Europe. Due to recent improvements in cold tolerance, they're now becoming more popular in the North as well. too. Having looked into heat pump benefits, you may be on this page exactly because you have decided to convert your Oak Park home to a heat pump, and you’re ready for installation. If that's the case, Energy Matters can help.

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How a Heat Pump Heats and Cools Your Oak Park Home

A heat pump may look much like an AC, but it's much more than that. Unlike your standard furnace or AC, this device is able to switch seamlessly between heating and cooling your home. When the temperatures rise in Oak Park, your thermostat will trigger the heat pump to turn on the compressor to start cycling the refrigerant. This liquid pulls the heat from your home's air and pumps it outdoors, effectively air conditioning your home.

In colder months, the system reverses, pulling heat out of the outdoor air and pumping it indoors and where it's circulated through your home via a standalone blower or your existing furnace. In the case of geothermal systems, the heat is pulled from under the ground instead of the air.

Heat Pumps Are an Option For Every Home

A truly modular option, heat pumps can be adapted to almost any situation. This is true whether your house is historical or without extensive ductwork. This is because heat pump condensers—the part that goes outside—can be mounted almost anywhere. This includes stands, roofs, and walls. They can also be combined with an existing furnace to create equipment that can brave almost any weather. Their ability to work with almost any existing set-up makes converting to or installing one a breeze. But their versatility really shines when you opt for a ductless heat pump in Oak Park.

If you have a new addition, bonus room, garage or other area where you want to add heating and cooling, a ductless heat pump (or mini-split) may be the most cost-effective way to get it. They are not only highly adaptable but also save you space in what might be an already crowded area. This is because, unlike a new air conditioner or furnace, these systems don't have bulky floor units. Ductless systems also have their own thermostat. This allows guests to control their own comfort with an with ease.

In Oak Park and the surrounding areas, Energy Matters can identify the heat pump needed for your home and provide you with a free no-obligation quote for installing a heat pump. Call (708) 381-2318 to schedule an appointment. In doing so, we hope to change the fact that the number of AC units installed is more than double that of heat pumps.

Installing a Heat Pump System to a Newly Constructed Home in Oak Park

Building a new home in Oak Park? Congratulations on being one of the people for whom this dream comes true. Selecting the HVAC system your home will use is something you will be asked to decide early on. The type of heating system you choose will determine when in the construction timeline it will be installed. Most builders typically handle installation by subcontracting a local heating and cooling company. Since a good installation is critical to the performance of a heat pump (or any other HVAC system), you may want to discuss obtaining your own equipment and installer. At Energy Matters, and we can both install your heat pump in Oak Park and continue to care for it long after you’ve moved into your new home.

An Overview of the Heat Pump Installation Process

Many in Oak Park are curious about what a heat pump installation involves. Will they have to take time off work? How long will they have to tiptoe around a stranger? While certain specifics will change with every job, these are the steps you can expect from start to finish:

  1. We visit your home to determine the heat pump needed and provide a quote for installation.
  2. On installation day, we’ll give a courtesy call ahead of our arrival time and ask you to put pets away.
  3. Our team will lay down protective floor coverings and will wear booties on their feet to keep your floors clean.
  4. Any items in your home too near our traffic or work area will be moved to prevent accidental damage.
  5. The heat pump installation plan will be rechecked and remeasured before any work is started.
  6. The equipment being replaced will be disconnected. We break every unit down for recycling either on site or back at our shop.
  7. The new equipment will be unloaded, placed, and all electrical wiring and refrigerant lines connected.
  8. The system will be turned on and tested against safety and performance standards. We will also test the thermostat. We'll make any necessary adjustments.
  9. The work area will be cleaned up and everything returned to its place.
  10. Our technician will go over the new heat pump with you and answer any questions you may have.

Your new heat pump installation can be expected to take from four to eight hours, depending on what your particular site may require. If we need ductwork put in or a blower installed, it will be nearer the higher estimate. When the job is finished, you’ll be the proud owner of a new heat pump. And have access to cost-effective comfort in your Oak Park home all-year long.

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