Recent Projects

Building Electrification Program conversion of 24 Unit Building

Maywood, IL 2023

In conjunction with Elevate Energy and ComEd, Energy Matters executed a full building electrification project for 24-unit building. Because of this partnership, the project was provided to the customers free of charge for this income eligible customer. Work included design, permitting, and installation for electrical stoves and ducted heat pumps. Work included stove outlet installation, in-unit electrical panel upgrades, furnace removal and replacement with ccHP, and upgrading to 800 amp electrical service wires.

Energy Matters installed 2 and 3-ton GE/Haier Connect Series cold climate heat pumps and high static air handlers in 22 units and 2 common areas. This included setting 24 individual heat pumps on the roof and installing 24 in-unit air handlers replacing existing gas furnaces. Linesets, and electrical were run through the furnace closets to the roof.

Building Electrification Program conversion of 18-unit building

Chicago, IL

In 2023, Energy Matters designed, permitted and installed a fully electric Heat Pump HVAC system and electric stoves in 18 apartment units. This project was completed with occupied units and was completed on an aggressive schedule. Because of our partnership with he Building electrification program, this project was provided free of charge for this income eligible customer.

We ran electrical from the in-unit electrical panel to the stove location, installing conduit, wire, breaker and 40 amp outlets to serve 40 Amp electric stove.

We installed Mitsubishi 2 to 3.5 Tn ducted air handler Hyper Heating heat pump systems with no supplemental heating. These were selected based on the load calculations of each unit. Installation included furnishing and setting heat pump and air handler. Linesets, electrical and communicating wires were run from rooftop heat pumps to air handlers. It also included running electrical from in-unit panels to rooftop heat pumps; including conduit, wire, breakers and disconnects.

Single Family Home

Oak Park, IL 2023

In 2023, Energy Matters worked with this customer to determine their energy efficiency and electrical goals, designed, permitted and installed a fully electric Heat Pump HVAC system. Work included Installation of 3.0-ton Mitsubishi Single-zone Hyper-heating heat pump system reusing existing duct work. Linesets, and electrical. Wall penetrations were air sealed. Condensate drains were run to floor drain or day lighted outside. Outdoor equipment was installed with surge protector and stand mounted above snow grade.

Installation included an Aprilaire 700M manual humidifier, Aprilaire 1210 Merv 11 filter rack with filter, and 10kw supplemental electrical resistance element in the ductwork. New electrical run from panel to electrical resistance element including conduit, wire and breaker through basement ceiling cavity. In the basement we Installed a 1.5-ton Mitsubishi Single-zone Hyper-heating Heat Pump system. Installation includes setting heat pump and 1 wall-mounted cassette in the basement on the exterior wall. In addition to the heat pumps we replaced the existing hot water heater tank with Rheem 50 Gallon Platinum Hybrid electric heater.

These additions provides 100% capacity down to 5 degrees. It has continued heating ability to -13 degrees ambient and cooling capacity in summer weather.