Steam Trap Testing

Testing your steam traps in multi-family and commercial buildings in River Forest and Oak Park Since 2013

Do you have steam radiators? With rising energy costs for your commercial property, it is important to avoid energy loss in any way we can. Steam traps are often the first thing to fail in a steam heat system. Steam traps have an average life span of 7 years! To keep your system working efficiently, we will test every steam trap to ensure that they are working. We will work with your energy provider to get you the highest rebate payback and the lowest cost to you.

Our customer-focused energy efficiency company is deeply dedicated to providing comfort in the Oak Park area—a fact easily correlated by our 11 years of service. In that time, we’ve tested thousands of steam traps. Through this, we’ve helped your friends and neighbors shave hundreds off their utility bills.

We get the job done right the first time, and it’s not done until you’re five-star satisfied. If you receive anything less than high quality service, we invite you to call us at (708) 381-2318. We’ll set things right.

Need steam trap testing in Oak Park? Call (708) 381-2318 for an estimate.

What is a Steam Trap?

A steam trap is an automatic valve that stops steam from entering return piping. The steam trap should only allow condensate and air into the return pipe. This ensures steam is not wasted. Steam traps also allow steam to flow at a controlled rate, giving you more control over your steam fueled system. A steam trap allows for proper flow of steam, air and water inside your piping and heating system.

Signs That It’s Time for Steam Trap Testing

We understand the urge to put off energy efficiency measures. But, if you want to save money on your commercial or multi-family property and keep the building running smoothly, Steam Trap testing can help immensely. Below are a few signs that your current system is not running efficiently.:

  • Skyrocketing Utility Bills: With malfunctioning steam traps, there is little control over how much energy your steam system is using to heat your building.
  • Leaking steam: If you notice your condensate tank or pump is leaking steam, your steam trap is likely malfunctioning. Putting off testing this steam trap could lead to serious damage to your condensate pumps trying to pump steam instead of water.
  • Knocking Pipes: Are you hearing knocking in your pipe work? Your pipes could be mixing condensate and steam together because of faulty steam traps.
  • Cold steam traps: If your steam traps are cold, your trap could be stuck closed. Testing allows you to know if this trap needs to be fixed or replaced.

If you notice any of these symptoms, place a call to (708) 381-2318 right away! Let us work with you and your energy company to protect you from any of the issues above.

Exploring the Steam Trap Testing process

The time has arrived to test your steam traps. Many homeowners and property owners aren’t sure what to expect. How long will it take? Is there anything you need to do to prepare for testing in Oak Park? To help ease your concerns, here is how Energy Matters gets the job done:

  1. We provide an initial quote on testing
  2. We will apply for any eligible rebates with your utility company
  3. Once approved for rebates, we will schedule your testing
  4. We’ll call to remind you of the appointment and request that your pets be contained and that we have access to anywhere there may be steam traps
  5. Our technician takes steps to ensure your home's cleanliness
  6. Any items in the way will be moved to prevent potential damage
  7. The technician will run the heating system. While utilizing non-invasive testing method such as ultrasonic listening and infrared thermal imaging the technician will be able to determine the functionality of each steam trap.
  8. The technician will take a detailed survey of all of your steam traps and which have worked and which have failed along with sizing.
  9. We will work with you to replace anything that has failed. For more information on Steam Trap replacements, please navigate to the replacement tab.